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Integrate Storage into Your Business

We encourage businesses and private individuals to use our facilities. Proguard has five convenient Houston storage locations for a reason: to provide the best services for our customers. If you are a small business that has significant off-site storage needs or you need extra working space, a storage unit might fit the bill nicely. While you cannot quite set up a desk and computer in a storage unit, you can probably find a way to integrate the unit into your business.

One popular way to utilize a storage unit is to use them as a sort of depot for products and goods. If your company has to store products to ship or keeps large amounts of stock irregularly, a storage unit can be just the solution for your situation. You can access a Proguard storage unit during business hours and the climate controlled units we offer are safe for whatever items you need to keep.

Other uses include storing documents, books or other records your business may be required by law to keep.

The uses of a storage unit are limitless. As long as they fall within our guidelines, the usefulness of a storage unit is exponential. Check out our website to learn more.

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