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Additional Protections

With things like live grenades and drug operations bumping shoulders at some rare self-storage locations, the safety of people’s property might concern some Texas storage customers. What if the guy next door stashed a couple of unlicensed nuclear accelerators that turned on by mistake and crossed streams? Well, theoretically, the whole universe would explode and we would have a lot more to worry about.

Most storage rental tenants believe the self-storage company insures the property placed inside a unit–not true! In fact, many storage companies require the tenant to provide their own insurance before anything can be stored. Proguard Storage does not have this requirement, but our climate controlled storage buildings are fully insured. It might be wise to check with your insurance provider about supplemental insurance for business equipment or work with the storage company’s provider. Whether using your own insurance or the storage’s, you can get low cost or low deductible insurance for small items, or in-transit insurance if the storage is used to house furniture ¬†for a big move. Coverage for cars and such may already be in effect from the original insurance.

Additionally, while climate controlled storage maintains a suitable temperature of 65-77 degrees, humidity and wildlife concerns may cause issues insurance does not cover. Responsibly protecting your property with car covers, sealed containers, or even just a tarp for leaks, is the first line of defense for your valuables.

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Posted on: Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 11:25 am

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