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Tips for Smooth Moving and Storage Rental

As the new year approaches, many homeowners will begin the year in an entirely new location. If you are planning a move, ensure you are well prepared for what is ahead. Following our years of experience providing a stellar storage rental service, we at Proguard Storage have compiled a brief list of essential things to do prior to the big move:

About a month before your moving day you will need to:

Around 1-2 weeks before the move, make sure you:

Finally, on moving day, you should:
  • Double check all areas and storage items to make sure they are empty
  • Carry important documents, currency and jewelry on your own body, or use registered mail to send to your destination
By incorporating these vital steps into your moving plan, you will streamline the process, minimizing moving mishaps and guaranteeing yourself a stress-free transition from one home to another.


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Posted on: Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 10:59 am

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