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How to Safely Store Your LPs

storage locationTrue music aficionados know that imposing a cap on your obsessive collecting feels almost like losing a limb. Yet, those of you who pay high rents for small spaces in urban areas know just how important it is to save every inch of space possible.

Additionally, with the music industry gaining increasing presence online and with the proliferation of digital music files, it’s no longer absolutely imperative that you keep your records on hand since the vast majority of your music collection is most likely stored on a miniscule portable device.

So, if you’re eager to save space, without having to surrender your LP collection forever more, consider placing them at a storage location. Self storage units provide you with an alternative to selling or trashing your belongings, so you’re only saying “see you later”, rather than “goodbye, my friends.”

When storing your LPs, it’s important to keep them in an upright position, on edge and on a sturdy shelf. Whatever you do, do not lay them on top of one another as this will result in warping. If necessary, ensure you place books or similar items on the shelf in order to keep the LPs upright. Also important is to ensure the LPs are kept away from sources of heat and direct sunlight, which, with storage rental at Proguard Storage, will never be a problem.

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Posted on: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 3:34 pm

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