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How to Safely Store Your LPs

True music aficionados know that imposing a cap on your obsessive collecting feels almost like losing a limb. Yet, those of you who pay high rents for small spaces in urban areas know just how important it is to save every inch of space possible. Additionally, with the music industry gaining increasing presence online and […]

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Crazy (and Not So Crazy) Collections

Climate controlled storage units are like the number zero: on their own, they mean nothing, but when we consider the varied and strange and wonderful things our tenants put into them, the possibilities are mind-boggling–and potentially very valuable. Take South Florida’s Ken Kallin, who is selling off his collection of autographed books and memorabilia, valued […]

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Think About The Layout Of Your Unit

Maintaining climate controlled storage units is actually quite simple for you, the unit renter. You simply drop your stuff off and come and go as you please, as you need your things. The people at Proguard Storage will otherwise be responsible for the proper securing and temperature control of your unit. Make sure you lock the […]

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Texas Storage While You’re Away

Heading out on a summer vacation should be a no stress endeavor full of fun and frolic. However, many of us worry about our most prized possessions sitting at home undefended from potential intruders, or worse, from extreme weather. Simply leaving your favorite wooden furniture pieces or other collectibles in the extreme summer heat can […]

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Texas Storage, Not Represented Properly On TV

The vulturous storage locker bidders populating a wide array of television shows these days might be enough to give people considering some climate controlled storage unit from Proguard Storage pause, but it shouldn’t. The world of storage unit bidding is not based around bins that have been properly paid for and cared for. In most […]

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Storage Rental for Home Renovations

With the idea of spring cleaning in mind, many homeowners and apartment dwellers are also thinking about ways they can spruce up the place. For those with a home, the warm weather of spring is the opportune time to fix up the house, both inside and outside. If you’re looking to repaint the rooms, maybe […]

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Time for Spring Cleaning

I’m a firm believer that one should not wait until spring to clean out the home. Cleaning the entire house once a year will prove to be an extremely daunting and tiring task. But alas, not everyone shares in my OCD cleaning tendencies. Instead, I can simply offer you some advice to make spring cleaning […]

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Don’t Use It? Store It In Climate Controlled Storage Units

It can be difficult to throw things away. Like all that old clothing. The photos from your childhood. Your kid’s artwork from elementary school. But it sure does take up a lot of space in your home. Sometimes you wish you could just put it somewhere out of the way, so that if you need […]

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Now’s the time for Spring cleaning and self storage Houston

Spring is finally here, the birds are chirping, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming – but the house still looks like it’s in the depths of winter, with closets overflowing, comforters stuffed into the top shelves of wardrobes, and the kids’ textbooks from last year still hanging around. Now’s the time to de-clutter […]

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