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My Brother is Going to Need Houston Self Storage

My brother and I were born and raised here in New York City. While we love it and it’s our home, he’s thinking about moving to Texas for his girlfriend. That’s where she’s lived a good deal of her life (though originally from Louisiana) and she’s had enough with big city life and wants to go […]

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Packing For Your Houston Storage Unit

Packing can be a little challenging. Between figuring out what’s staying, what’s going in self storage Houston, and what is going in the trash, you can be left downright exhausted. If you’re a little nervous about packing properly for your Houston self storage, here are a few handy tips: -Box everything you can, and make […]

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Dog Days And Texas Storage

In hot weather, we like climate control, and Texas storage has that. There’s no hotter weather than the Dog Days. Dog Days! If you were wondering where that turn of phrase came from, let me tell you. The Greeks started it, but we know more about what it meant for the Romans. They called the […]

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Creative Uses For Houston Storage: Wine Cellar

Houston storage isn’t just for the clothes you can’t cram in your closet this season or the antiques you inherited but can’t fit in next to your overstuffed sectional and plasma TV. It’s for those things, sure, but why stop there? Think outside the box/inside the climate controlled…box? Well, you get the idea. Get creative, […]

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Weather Hurricane Alex With Your Valuables Safe In Houston Self Storage

Houston self storage is a good option for people worried their houses won’t protect their belongings in the face of another hurricane. Especially those people who don’t have insurance at the moment, as there’s no rushing out to get insurance just now. When storms enter the Gulf and threaten the coast, most insurers consider it […]

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Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Houston

If you are thinking about putting your personal items in storage but are unsure exactly what “climate controlled” is and how you can benefit, here is some helpful information. “Climate control” refers to the ability to keep the temperature between 90 degrees in the summer and 40 degrees in the winter, with humidity below 65 […]

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Houston Self-Storage is Ideal for Music Equipment

Clutter is one of the most stressful things you can have in your living space and almost everyone is guilty of having it around—especially me. This weekend, my boyfriend and I had a belated spring cleaning spree in our apartment and I was blown away by the amount of stuff we had acquired over the […]

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