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Time to Put the Boat Away

If you haven’t gotten in the water to pull the boat out yet, then now is the time. Any more waiting and you’ll be in for a frigid dip. As the season changes it’ll be harder and harder to recruit volunteeers to help, and unless you have relatives you can guilt into helping, getting a boat out of the water alone is a lesson in humility. This is especially true if you’ve got the boat docked in a deep berth or don’t have a decent set of waders.

Once you get the boat out of the water, you’ll need a place to put it. On the side of the garage or in the neighbor’s lawn are not viable options. And unless you happen to be very friendly with local law enforcement, parking it on the street for 8 months is not advisable. Luckily Proguard storage offers off-season boat storage capable of accommodating most rigs.

And best of all, Proguard’s boat storage units are self storage. So you’ll be able to access your boat any time you want 365 days a year. No waiting for staff to open your unit or sign out your boat like at  a marina. Just pick it up and go. In order to store with Proguard you may have to provide your own trailer and we ask that fuel and oil be drained from the boat before putting it away.

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Why Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage may not seem like a big deal, especially if you’re just storing old papers, clothes and furniture. But in a place with extreme weather an un-airconditoned or heated storage unit can lead to mass destruction wreaked upon your personal belongings. The best way to protect your things is to make sure that the storage unit is climate controlled.

It would be a tragedy to lose years of family photos, important documentation or prized artwork to something as careless as improper storage. Still, an unventilated storage unit can end up being a perfect place for such damage to occur. Unless your belongings are kept in a range between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit they will be at serious risk of the following;

Part of the reason people elect to put their belongings in storage is because of the risk for damage in their own home. If you do decide to put your belongings in storage, the decision to select a climate controlled unit is largely dependent upon what you plan to store. Of course every storage center has its own rules about what can and can’t be locked up, but a little common sense about what sort of items are easily damaged will go a long way.

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Proguard Storage’s Policy on Auctions

Proguard Storage  is a professional operation,  plain and simple. You may have seen certain television shows that make the Texas storage world look like free-for-all with television crews and the public entering a storage company’s property in order to clamor over someone’s personal belongings. The truth is storage auctions are a very sensitive matter. The actual goods auctioned are someone’s personal items and are not simply fodder for television programs. Here are the official rules for  storage auctions  at our Proguard facilities:

Auctions are a legal means to clear items from a space when a customer has not made their contractual rental payments; each is conducted according to local and state laws. However, auctions are a last resort and something Proguard Self Storage would rather not do. It is in the best interest of Proguard Self Storage and the delinquent customer to come to a settlement and avoid the heartache and expense of conducting an auction of the items in the space. If you find that you are severely past-due, please stay in contact with us so we can resolve the matter quickly and avoid this process. We hold auctions every few months at each of our facilities. The auctions are conducted by a professional auction company. You can contact the storage facility in your neighborhood to find out when they will be held.

As you can see, we hope that we do not have to result in an auction. We would much rather you keep your property and work out an agreement with us. Please feel to contact us if you have any questions or problems making your payments.


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Try Our Storage Space Calculator

Hiring a moving van or looking into storage rental can be a quick reminder of how poorly your math skill are. We have all had the experience of renting a U-haul and realizing our stash of personal possessions barely fill half the truck. Difficulty in estimating space or size is not uncommon. For those who are apt to make a rash judgment or just can’t figure out how much storage apace they need, we have our convenient and easy to use storage calculator. No actual calculators are required. We will do all the work!

The calculator easily helps you figure out what size storage space you need by enumerating all of the individual  items. The storage calculator takes into account the average size of several types of different home furnishings, from large dressers to TV stands to appliances.  Just go through your home, room by room, and check off how many of each listed item you have and the calculator will instantly do the rest.

So leave the measuring tape in the box –you can put it in storage because you will not need it! Here at Proguard Storage we have all the tools you need to pack and store your belongings the right way.

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Storage Location Matters

When you’ve got too much stuff, you need storage space. And when you’re considering  a storage space, it needs to be close by. Maybe you think you can get by with a storage location that’s out of the way, but really you can’t. You’ll be driving there all the time, just to go over to your unit and dig out the camping gear, or your bike. Really, its better to just get a storage space in a storage location that’s near you, or at least in your city. You definitely don’t want to have to waste a Saturday driving all over the country just to get your records and drop them off at the junk shop.

If you need a convenient storage location in Houston, then look no further than Proguard storage. Proguard storage offers all types of professional storage possibilities for you or your business. Proguard storage has five convenient locations all around the Houson area. Accessing your stuff will be easier than ever when you switch to a convenient Proguard storage location.

Proguard is also perfect for sales people that need to store inventory in a climate controlled space, as well as for local businesses that need to keep stock nearby.


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Best Storage in Texas

Texas Storage

When you’re storing your big old boat, you want the best folks around to do business with. If you’ve got a collection of rare and extremely destructive guns that need keeping in a climate controlled vault, you can’t trust that to just any old  storage company.  And if your other valuables and personal effects can’t seem to fit in your giant house, then you’re going to have to call the storage company, partner.

Kinda funny thinking you’d need to rent a storage locker in TEXAS, the place that’s as big as all your dreams and hopes could ever be.  Well, if you need the best Texas Storage, then you need Proguard storage. These pros will guard all your stuff like it was their own. Their commitment to excellence and service has won them accolades in their industry across the state.

You see, what makes Proguard stand like a lone star in the Texas storage sky is their commitment to service. Proguard storage has won three better business bureau awards for being the best in their respective field. They’ve even won the pinnacle award, which is the highest award in the small business association moving ad storage category. The excellence this award stands for will undoubetly shine through

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Climate Controlled Vehicle Storage

Climate Controlled Storage

Before you put your beloeved ride away in climate controlled storage, there are a few procedures you ought to remember. Even the nicest storage unit with climate control and security won’t keep your vehicle safe from harm it may be occurring simply from being neglected. The best way to make sure your vehicle fires up when you come back to it, is to perform preventative storage maintenance.

There are many ways to keep a car safe in storage, but these are a hard and fast rules to vehicle longevity.

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Security For Your Valuables

Security is important to all of us. Securing our valuables can sometimes result in a purchase of a safe or an alarm system. For some things though, going through the trouble of installing an alarm system or buying a safe can seem unworthy of the items in question. A vintage comic book or record collection is probably not in active use at the moment. In all likelihood. these items are gathering dust until you find the right person to sell them to.

In cases where the valuables are not in active using climate controlled storage can be incredibly helpful to keep these things safe and out of harm’s way. If you are not actively using an item, chances are the varying temperatures of your home are doing them some level of damage. With a Texas storage unit from Proguard Storage you can be sure that the items are safe from the hands of criminals and the moisture depleting bite of the hot Texas summer.

As you look for the right person to buy your collectibles you can make visits to the facility to check up on them or just to keep stock of what’s there. It is the best of both worlds; your stuff is safe and out of your way.

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Inheritance In A Texas Storage Unit

Sorting through a recently deceased loved one’s belongings can be difficult work. It is hard to know what has value and what does not. It is hard to measure the sentiment that a lot of their belongings have. Sadly though, for many of us, cleaning up a loved one’s estate has to happen quickly due to legal and economic wrangling.

Rather than rushing through an important task and worrying about regrets later, why not put the bulk of the items you inherited into a Texas storage unit?

Over time you can have different friends and family members come through and sort out things. Each person will be able to offer new insight into the items that made it through years of living. As you go through your Houston self storage units, people will pull different items they hope to remember this person by. Everyone who helps can walk away with some small token to keep a cherished memory alive.

Sadly, in life not all inheritance is innately good. There is a lot of stuff that piles up and it is hard to know what to do with it. With some patience, time, and Houston self storage, it will be easier to get things under control.

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Texas Storage Is Great For People On The Move

Sometimes our lives are not specifically laid out for us in a clearly linear way. Many of us have to bounce around for work or, perhaps more nobly, for military service. Moving all of your possessions from place to place is not just expensive, but basically useless. Many of us, though we are being moved around the world, know where we expect to end up.

If you are expecting to end up back in Texas, then the climate controlled storage at Proguard Storage is the perfect place to keep your things until your life is more settled. Shipping your stuff from place to place is, as we said, expensive but it is also a great risk. Each time you load your favorite antique furniture or your priceless family heirlooms onto a truck you are risking damage to the items. With a Texas storage unit, you can keep your things safe and have them ready when you finally have the time to appreciate them.

For most of us with a jet setting lifestyle, there is no reason for the clutter of even our nicest possessions. Those are things best appreciated in our off time when we have settled into a cozy spot and can appreciate them.

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