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Your One-Stop Shop for Moving Supplies

When the process of moving ranks so highly on lists of stressful tasks, you will likely want to take advantage of every opportunity to lessen the hassle of this process. Here at Proguard Storage, we’re dedicated to simplifying your moving day offering climate control storage units to pack away all your excess items you don’t […]

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Smart Motorcycle Storage

Climate control storage units are a great place to stash your motorcycle for a prolonged trip or simply to make more room in your garage. Not only will the climate control cut down on tire rot and rust, but you can rest assured at Proguard’s Texas storage no wandering punk will come along and knock […]

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A Texas Storage Unit for Books

With a rise in e-readers and tablet computers, more people are turning away from physical books. I myself have given into technology and succumbed to purchasing a Kindle. But with my new device comes a lot of books that will just be sitting on my book shelf, doing a whole lot of nothing. Being able […]

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Preserving Old Photographs

If you are interested in preserving old family photographs, or new ones, for future generations to enjoy, you will need more than just climate control storage units. You will need to acid-free boxes and paper, a black magic marker, and the willingness to browse through your crazy family photos! Start by getting rid of those […]

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Climate Controlled Units for Old Toys

As we grow older, the toys we once loved seem to disinterest us more and more. But there is something that tugs at our hearts and we simply cannot part with them. So instead of tossing your old teddy bear in the trash, you hide him in the closet. A few years later, after a […]

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Storage Units for Your Extreme Couponing Habits

My sister recently confessed that she into extreme couponing. If you’ve never been subjected to the reality television show and have no idea what it is, it basically means going crazy with coupons. Typically, you have to buy in bulk to get the discounts. It’s all about knowing how to combine coupons and to use […]

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