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Self-Storage Auctions: Renter’s Protections

We see a lot of this on TV: storage rentals that have gone unpaid going up for auctions and people coming in to bid for a chance to find lost treasure.¬†Often, a unit that is unpaid belongs to a deceased person, or someone who has left the country. The phenomenon is common enough to have […]

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Storage for Deployment

Deployment for anyone in the armed forces is never an easy time, for both the person being deployed and his or her family and friends. Deployment can last several months, sometimes even years. So what are you supposed to do with all your stuff? Mom and dad might not want to house your entire home […]

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Storage for Dorm Room Leftovers

In just a few weeks your college kid will be coming back home for the summer. I know you’re probably way more excited than he is, but moving back home is no fun task for anyone. He probably has a ton of extra items and furniture that he has accumulated over the year and you […]

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Time for Spring Cleaning

I’m a firm believer that one should not wait until spring to clean out the home. Cleaning the entire house once a year will prove to be an extremely daunting and tiring task. But alas, not everyone shares in my OCD cleaning tendencies. Instead, I can simply offer you some advice to make spring cleaning […]

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