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Self-Storage Auctions: Renter’s Protections

We see a lot of this on TV: storage rentals that have gone unpaid going up for auctions and people coming in to bid for a chance to find lost treasure. Often, a unit that is unpaid belongs to a deceased person, or someone who has left the country. The phenomenon is common enough to have […]

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Climate Controlled Vehicle Storage

Before you put your beloeved ride away in climate controlled storage, there are a few procedures you ought to remember. Even the nicest storage unit with climate control and security won’t keep your vehicle safe from harm it may be occurring simply from being neglected. The best way to make sure your vehicle fires up when you […]

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Security For Your Valuables

Security is important to all of us. Securing our valuables can sometimes result in a purchase of a safe or an alarm system. For some things though, going through the trouble of installing an alarm system or buying a safe can seem unworthy of the items in question. A vintage comic book or record collection […]

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Inheritance In A Texas Storage Unit

Sorting through a recently deceased loved one’s belongings can be difficult work. It is hard to know what has value and what does not. It is hard to measure the sentiment that a lot of their belongings have. Sadly though, for many of us, cleaning up a loved one’s estate has to happen quickly due […]

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Extra Pet Supplies in Storage

A topic no one really likes to think about is the inevitable death of their pets. It’s sad to even mention it, but it happens. For most of us animal lovers, the passing of one pet does not mean we’ll never have another one down the line. But I know for me personally, it would […]

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Enjoy the First Month Free

Some might not realize how important it is to shop around for the right storage location. They think if you’ve seen one Texas storage unit, you’ve seen them all. Maybe you’ll luck out and happen to land at Proguard Storage on your first try. However, if you go somewhere else, you’ll be missing out on […]

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A Texas Storage Unit for Books

With a rise in e-readers and tablet computers, more people are turning away from physical books. I myself have given into technology and succumbed to purchasing a Kindle. But with my new device comes a lot of books that will just be sitting on my book shelf, doing a whole lot of nothing. Being able […]

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